h2oglo is an Australian owned family operated business providing innovative and advanced underwater LED lights

for BOATS and Stand Up Paddle Boards. Shop online for a range of underwater LED lights for boats, pools and stand up paddle board led light kits.


Our lights are available in various colours from 20 watt to 60 watt output. Surface mounted with only a 6mm hole for through hull connection or no hole for over transom connection.

Unique in that our underwater LED lights are hand made using quality components from bridgelux, cree, marine grade tinned copper cables and optical glass lenses. Formed as a solid fitting with no air space, no seals, o-rings, assembly screws etc, so no water entry points. We have priced our lights to be competitive with Chinese imports, but up to 30 times less than equivalent output fittings from our more expensive competitors.

Best of all, tell us your ideas and we will make them for you.