Trailer Boat Surface Mount Rectangular 36 Watt LED Lights


Suitable for all trailer boats

  • Available in Blue, Green, White, Blue/White, Blue/Green, Green/White
  • Marine grade anodised aluminium housing for maximum heat release.
  • 2 mtrs permanently connected cable.
  • Dimensions 140mm x 50mm x 20mm
  • 160 degree view angle through marine grade clean expoxy resin
  • Lights are attached with Sikaflex so no holes to drill in boat hull.
  • Blue/White, Blue/Green & Green/White lights have individually switchable groups of LEDs
  • For three colour options in each light eg. Blue/Green can be used as green only, blue only or blue & green together to produce Aqua.
  • Lights have 12Vac.dc to 24Vac.dc inbuilt electronic drivers.
  • Side cable connection only.
  • Lights have an 18mth back to base replacement warranty.
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